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Should I Change my Spark Plugs? 5 Ways to Tell

Should I Change my Spark Plugs? 5 Ways to Tell

Today, we are going to talk about spark plug. I know you have already an idea as to what it is. But for those who are not, let me tell you a quick introduction about spark plug and its importance (as in really important).

Do you know that in order for an internal combustion engine to operate, you need three ingredients? Yes! These are air, fuel, and spark. I know you what you are thinking. So the key role of spark plug is to produce the spark needed to ignite the air and fuel mixture. This continuous ignition causes your engine to run. Isn’t it really amazing how this tiny part can do such a big role?!

Often times, this tiny part is not getting much of attention until it won’t work; leaves your car in the middle of nowhere and gives you headache. So basically, how do you know that it is time to replace your spark plugs?

Here are ways to tell whether you have a damaged spark plug or you need a replacement.

  1. High Fuel Consumption.
    Because of incomplete combustion caused by damage spark plugs, your vehicle’s fuel economy is decreasing by 30%. As a result, you need to fill up more often compared to your usual routine.
  2. Rough idle in your engine.
    The normal engine produces 1000rpm when in stationary position. The sound in this state is smooth and constant. When something is wrong with your spark plugs, you will notice a rough, jittery sound produced with a larger vibrations through your car.
  3. You are pissed off because of having trouble starting your car.
    As mentioned, spark plugs give spark to get your car moving. So a broken or damaged spark plug means a car going nowhere.
  4. Engine misfire and hesitate.
  5. Lack of acceleration.
    Does your car not performing the speed you are accustomed to? If yes, then your car might be a candidate for spark plug replacement. Go and check yours before it breaks you.

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