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Broken windshield? How do you repair it?

Broken windshield? How do you repair it?

When a stone hits your windscreen, it makes a horrible noise, and since shattering is not a common option on the windshield, it will chip. You can get your car windshield cracked at any time. If you notice a small crack on your windscreen while driving, do not panic. On arriving home, get your magnifying glass and take a close look at the chip. The windshield is subjected to mechanical stresses, and in case you drive on a bumpy road/surface, the small chip will grow into a big crack. It’s, therefore, best to repair the windshield as soon as possible as:

  1. Windshields are subject to constant thermal shocks. Sudden and sharp temperatures changes will cause a small chip on the windshield to enlarge
  2. The chips can be filled with grime and dirt, and this makes the windshield coloured.
  3. Water may be pulled by surface tension into the cheap, and this can result in delamination of the glass from the centre membrane. The membrane fogs cause a blemish.

Although it will leave a visible flaw, it is advisable to fill it. Sealing the chip from the atmosphere eliminates any possibility of discolouring or enlargement of the chip.

When fixing the chip, dry off the windshield by using a hair drier or acetone if it is wet. Avoid the use of any detergents in case the surface is dirty. Using a syringe, apply a simple kit from Loctite at the centre of the chip. Burnish it with the thumb, and you are good to go.

In the case a crack is too large; replacing the windshield is the best measure.

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