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Understanding Why Do Car Batteries Go Dead in the winter?

Understanding Why Do Car Batteries Go Dead in the winter?

Starting an engine during cold season can take up to twice as much as needed under normal conditions. This extreme cold often fingered as the culprit of dead batteries for a number of reasons and we gathered a few that might aid you to understand why car batteries go dead in the winter.


Number 1. The Gasoline Will Hardly Dissolve When Cold

Just like any other fluid, gasoline will less evaporate when the temperature is cold as a result, the engine will hardly start. The speed of evaporation will depend on the temperature like if you pour a cup of gas in a surface during summer, it will disappear quickly. And if you do the same during winter it will hang around a bit longer that causes the car the battery become sluggish and mal-functioned


Number 2. The Engine’s Oil Thickens as Temperatures Drop

We know for a fact that oil gets thickens during the cold weather or any form of liquid will become solid if it is in the freezer. Thicken oil will cause your battery dead as it will make harder for the engine to spin and warm up.


Number 3.  Demands for Extra Usage

A battery can drain even faster during a freezing season when there are more demands for extra usage. Like for instance headlights and windshield wipers are used more often during cold weather as a result, your car battery becomes weak and might not stay longer than its lifespan expected.


Number 4. Chemical Reaction

The battery typically with full chemicals that produced electrons. When it is cold. the chemical reaction will more slowly thus the battery will form fewer electrons which makes the starter less efficient.


Number 5.  Accessories or Gadgets Attached

The ability (to start) of the car battery loses up to 60 percent of its strength during zero degrees. Thus, any extra items plugged like cell phone chargers, heater, GPS and other devices will push the battery over the edge

The fact that there is a greater chance that the battery will fail in winter, everyone must be ready before hitting the road so here are some of the warning signs that your car battery might be at risk.


  • When you hear a grinding sound upon turning on the ignition
  • When you notice dashboard battery light is on
  • When the headlights are dim instead of white
  • When the vehicle engine has slow crank
  • When you hear that the car horn sounds unusual
  • When your battery is more than 3 years old


The typical lifespan of your car battery is three to five years but for various internal and environmental conditions impact its long-term health. When your car demands more than battery replacement, give us a call at (718) 297-9797) we will happy to assist you.


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