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Best Used A New Auto Glass Prices In Jamaica Queens NYC

Broken windshield? How do you repair it?

Posted by on Feb 22, 2019 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

When a stone hits your windscreen, it makes a horrible noise, and since shattering is not a common option on the windshield, it will chip. You can get your car windshield cracked at any time. If you notice a small crack on your windscreen while driving, do not panic. On arriving home, get your magnifying glass and take a close look at the chip. The windshield is subjected to mechanical stresses, and in case you drive on a bumpy road/surface, the small chip will grow into a big crack. It’s, therefore, best to repair the windshield as soon as possible as: Windshields are subject to constant thermal shocks. Sudden and sharp temperatures changes will cause a small chip on the windshield to enlarge The chips can be filled with grime and dirt, and this makes the windshield coloured. Water...

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Defrosting windshield with hot water

Posted by on Feb 4, 2019 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

Autoglass is the modern used glass in windshields/windscreens. It is a combination of two layers of treated safety glass laminated with a plastic layer in between them, and then bonded into the window frame. During the cold winters, one of the main problems we encounter especially in the morning is defrosting windscreens. Temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius lead to the formation of ice on windshields, and this reduces visibility. It makes it hard to use the vehicle. One might think pouring of hot water on the frozen windshield is the best defrosting method as we all know hot water melts ice very fast. A nice try I say, but it will end badly. Pouring hot water on a frozen windscreen will shatter it. What happens is that as a result of the extreme temperature differences/change between the inner and...

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