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Warning! Wiper Motor Failure

Posted by on Apr 15, 2017 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

The windshield wiper is specially made to have a paramount and safe driving adventure most likely during the inclement weather. But, this is virtually impossible if your windshield wiper electrical motor failed. How do you know? The wiper motor works as essential part of the whole wiper system, this machine is the core element that provides power towards the wiper system. Moving on, wiper motor has an electronic connection into the pivoting arm that maneuvers the motion like the up and down of the long rod. It has a worm gear that provides the power of the back and forth performance of the wiper blades. Thus, if the following symptoms shows consider it as a “warning.” Technically, wiper blades are programmed to be operated in different speed, it can adjust into fast or higher settings. But if it shows...

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