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6 Brilliant Car Cleaning Tricks That Every Owner Should Know

6 Brilliant Car Cleaning Tricks That Every Owner Should Know

Do you know that the better you treat your car the longer it last? We know for a fact that buying a car is a huge investment and part of your responsibility is to ensure that it is clean and not get coated with dirt. Also, the well-maintained car will avoid you to often run into an auto shop (fewer expenses) it looks nicer and stay out of salt and rain residue which you get from the road.

However, cleaning sometimes took you long hours and that holds you back to do the activity. Hence, here are 6 brilliant cleaning tricks that (if applied) will surely make the methods smooth and easy.

Car wash like a pro – conditioner is not only good for your hair as it is tested that giving a healthy glow in your car paint. Just pour a little amount of the liquid in the water, wipe it out using a sponge and rinse. You will be surprised as it will turn out like waxed shine and giving no room for stain.

Baking soda for car care- baking soda is known that brings a lot of benefits and that includes for car cleaning. It could be good for windshield, bumpers, and trims, floor mats and vinyl seats. You could damp a cloth of ample amount of baking soda wipe it and rinse and will make everything sparkle.

Brush it out with toothpaste – it may sound odd that toothpaste has another usage than brushing your teeth but it surprisingly works with your headlights. Foggy headlights are due to oxidation which can compare with tartar, therefore, rub enough toothpaste on it, and then wipe it with a clean cloth for a better result.

Perfect windows and mirrors – one great option for a quick windshield cleaning is to use baby wipes, be sure to wipe the mirror in one direction and focus in the area of the stain, you’ll see a glowing effect after

Helpful coffee filters – Filters mainly design to refine coffee, but it also amazingly works for dusting your car as it is made as lint free, wiping the interior surface or dashboard of your car will leave it to shine and glimmer

Waste no more with pineapple – if you often throw away the pineapple peel then this time don’t as this can be used as car air fresheners by simply putting the shell in a plastic bag and place in your dashboard or back seat. By doing so, you’ll see that your car will smell sweet fresh summer breeze.

Who would have thought that this commodity found within your reach and in your kitchen are the best tools to clean your car?

Indeed auto cleaning maintenance conveys a shiny, durable and more appealing car. But if you think that it is too late to save some of you vehicle parts, don’t be disappointed because the solution is just at your fingertips. Just dial 718-297-9797 and New York City Auto Salvage and Glass will do the rest for you.

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