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Things That Your Car Might Come Across During Winter Season

Things That Your Car Might Come Across During Winter Season

Cold really affects your car in so many ways. And most of these are in a negative way. Wanna know what are they? Read on.


  1. Winter hardens the elastic property of all-season tires which cause them to lose grip especially at 7 degrees Celsius and below.


  1. When the weather is cold, motor oil thickens making it hard for the engine to start up. Usually, it will take 20 minutes or so.


  1. Since it is cold, you needed a heater. But do you know that heaters delay the engine warm up? Yes, because the heater is getting the needed warm especially during the first few minutes after starting the car. It is advisable to turn on the heater after 20 minutes you started the car. (I just hope you might not end up freezing.)


  1. Overall fuel consumption will be higher in winter than summer because of the air warming system.


  1. Taking short trips? This is considered as severe operation. Since all the fluids and systems are not warmed up making your car engine less efficient.


  1. Hot water to clean your windshields during winter is a big NO. This will cause damage and cracks. It is a mortal sin to use hot water in a frosted windshield. If you need to clean it, you can use rubbing alcohol mixed with water as a safe


  1. Wiper blades are also susceptible to damage. Have them check, repaired or if needed, replaced to ensure it is working effectively.


  1. Poor headlights and brake lights can give you the biggest nightmare during winter because of poor visibility and heavy snow. Inspect them right before the winter starts. You are not only helping yourself but also other drivers so they can notice you while on the road.


Hope this information will be your guideline in tackling the winter road on the way. Be a responsible driver any weather anytime! Drive safely!


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