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Get Bored on a Long Car Drive? Take a Look at These Survival Tips

Posted by on Nov 14, 2017 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

Planning for a long car rides? Indeed long drive can take you to different awesome places but the problem is that sitting in the car for 8 to 10 hours (or more) could be boring and uncomfortable. Check out these suggested ideas that get rid of you and your passenger’s boredom.   Music Listening to music brings a lot of benefits it has the ability to change people’s mood and can divert a boring ambiance into happier atmosphere thus; Bring along some CDs or music devices that contains great songs that you can sing along Upload songs with an upbeat tune that allows you and commuters to sing along and feel awake Be sure that you have a lot of songs recorded and that you have enough until you reach your destination   Educational Materials Books, drawing pads, journals,...

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A Little Auto Care to Get Ready for Autumn

Posted by on Oct 15, 2017 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

In most states of the US, the autumn season can be quite pleasant, like the leaves of the hardwood forest begin to change color and reveal a magnificent view for a short week. In the North, the warm sunny days with cool nights begin in the South, it is an end to the oppressive heat of mid-summer and the onset of more pleasant temperatures. In other words, the last days of summer fade and fall start to take the center stage. Hence, it’s time to prepare your automobile for autumn which soon brings colder and more hazardous weather.   Autumn Car Care Tips Much as you enjoy your pumpkin spice latte and some fall festive or events, taking care of your car should be one to be attended to. Here are practical tips to make sure that your ride...

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Driving Tips: How to Drive Safely in the Rain?

Posted by on Sep 15, 2017 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

When torrential downpour occurs, walking and singing in the rain is more fun, but when it comes to driving, you have to think it twice. When the condition is less than ideal, motorist should be alert and focused because driving in heavy rain can be tricky and even dangerous. As a matter of fact, according to the US Department of Transportation, there are more than 550,000 vehicles crashes and more than 220,000 injured and around 2,000 killed each year due to downpour and casualties increases when the pavement is wet. This statistic reflects a sobering truth but people can avoid this situation if precautions apply thus, here are useful driving tips that allow you to handle any storm.   Check the Tire The likelihood of a crash will lessen if you check your tire tread. Dig out a quarter...

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Is Your Car Ready for a Long Trip?

Posted by on Aug 15, 2017 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

Before you wave goodbye with the summer season isn’t it exciting to plan for a long road trip? Vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing (and not to encounter a car break down a hundred miles away from home) a great time to head out on a road trip with your family. Whether you’re driving a short distance or across the country, the staple key of having promising relaxation is to check if your car is ready for a long trip. Is it? If you are uncertain to answer these questions, why not take a preventive measure before your hurl your loves ones into national highways. Read some tips to assure that your vehicle and your family are ready to explore and see the new scenic view along the road.   Vehicle check up Routine car maintenance is...

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Get to Know 6 Auto Parts That Are Available in the Salvage Yard

Posted by on Jul 15, 2017 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

It is more frustrating when you know exactly what you need yet you have no idea where to get it. Fortunately, salvage yards have so much in store for us. They provide a wide selection of cheaper, high-quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto parts that sometimes no longer manufactured and available from local dealers. Below are few examples of spare parts that you might be looking for.   Hubcaps – wheel cover or rim is not only just a decorative disk as it will cover the wheel hub and avoid the accumulation of mud and moisture. Damage hubcaps may due to accidents or proper installation and finding one as a replacement might be pricey unless you opt to salvage yards that offer a low-cost rim with a wide variety of materials and sizes.   Lights – headlights, taillights brake,...

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Car Care: Tint Your Car Windows

Posted by on Jun 15, 2017 in Auto Glass Jamaica | 0 comments

Dark tinted windows for your car? Why not? Where it seems that every vehicle today are tinted and you’re not just only joining the trend but also having an awesome privacy. Moreover, tinting brought countless benefits like as follows:   For safety Driving under the heat of the sun is quite annoying, and a tinted glass will block 99% of UV rays (which can be deadly) that allows you for a better and safe driving.            Privacy Tinted windows not only stands as UV blocker but is also a sort of your guard that shield your valuable stuff inside (not to be visible) as well as your personal privacy.   Upholstery Safe High-temperature from direct sunlight will definitely damage car upholstery (faded and brittle) in a few short years. Tinted windows will lessen the chance of entering harmful UV...

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