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Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

Is Your Car Ready for Summer?

Is your car ready for summer? A long drive embracing the breeze preparing cameras for selfies (and groupies) or take candid shots and update status ( in social media account )  with the caption, “Hello sunshine.”

When summer month start creeping up, it seems everyone is too excited and thinking of sun-drenched driving, why not? But before you do that, read these tips to prepare your vehicle for this season.


Check Your Tires

Tires are essential parts of your vehicle and it is a must that you check it more often for your safety. See to it that both tires have proper pressure, that there are no cut or nicks on the side, it should also be aligned and even for an effective steering and braking.


Check Your Brake

Typically, your car combat with Jack Frost during winter there is a possibility that your brake system (pads discs or drums) worn out from freezing or ice skating so it owes you a great time for inspection. Check for significant cracks or damage remove and replace parts when necessary, see to it that it is functioning properly and that it have enough fluid before you step up the gas for a long drive.


Car Wash

When the winter is over your car might be coated with road salt, dirt, scratch, dents, and many others. You need a thorough wash to get rid of those residue left from the coolest seasons. In preparation of hitting the open road during summer, bring your vehicle to a professional car washing that performs the right process like washing the undercarriage, rinsing it well, drying and using the appropriate product and tools for a flawless result.


Inspect the Oil

Engine parts normally work harder during the long summer drive and oil plays an essential role through lubricating these parts and ensures that it will not overheat. Pull out the car’s dipstick and check if it is at the proper level, observe the color, if it shows clean or golden brown then it is safe but if it is black and sticky get it change before your summer trip.


Cool Coolant  

Driving in the traffic under the hot weather can be a cause of your car’s overheating. Your car may break down this summer if the coolant system has issues like a leak in the radiator, cracked hose, broken belts or even a damaged radiator cap. The general rule is to replace a new coolant at least every after two years and if you haven’t done this, take your car to the service station before your long vacation.


Examine the Aircon

Of course, you wouldn’t want to step in a hot oven type vehicle this season. Check the performance of your car’s aircon if you hear unusual sounds from the AC vents or it wouldn’t cold as you were expected, bring your car to a specialist prior to your journey.


Battery Test

It is impossible to hit the road with defective battery thus check for possible discharge or leakage also pay attention for its fluid level or battery corrosion if you spot any, perhaps it needs to be replaced before you travel.


Windshield Wiper Check

Windshield blades were designed differently in any temperature range. Winter or spring blades are flexible and efficient which will become soft and less durable during summer and eventually lead to failure. Also, check the wiper motor and get additional information here.  Don’t hesitate to change any parts if you want a stress-free trip.


Emergency Kit

Even if you already prepared your car for a long drive, save a space in your trunk for the following tools screwdrivers, wrenches, jack, spare tire, emergency reflectors, extra water (for the radiator) jumper cables and a flashlight to complete the package.


A fully functional car is way better than defective one and before you pack your bags and fasten your seatbelt, give us a call at 718-297-9797 and we can help you evaluate car issues and execute solutions.

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