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Common Reasons Your Windshield Cracks

Common Reasons Your Windshield Cracks

It’s no denial that windshield is one of the most damage-prone parts in a car. Despite being too careful, still, your windshield acquires minor to major cracks that are out of control. How frustrating, isn’t it?

Let us enlighten ourselves of what are the causes of windshield cracks.

  1. Driving on a rough road
    Debris and gravel could spin into the air which can hit your windshield. This can be sometimes brought by cars in front of you. Though you can’t really avoid this kind of scenario, it is much better to keep distance to avoid windshield damage as much as possible.
  1. Poor construction
    There is no hiding that there are some windshields with poor quality that even with the slightest strain, they can break easily. If this is the case, it is much better to replace this and look for the quality windshield as a replacement.
  1. Not properly installed
    One of the signs that your windshield is not properly installed is when you hear a vibration especially when the wind blows too hard. Even if you just accelerate your speed, you will become worried that your windshield will just suddenly take off your car. When you have this kind of issues, better visit a car repair shop to help you reinstall your windshield or if replacement is needed.
  1. Accidents
    It is given that car accidents can cause windshield damage (oh well even the rest of your car). But there are some minor accidents that can cause damage to your windshield. One good example is while you are passing a road; a group of prankster suddenly throws big stones and hit your windshield. Another example is when a group of young people plays baseball and the ball just landed in your windshield (you are one lucky man!).
  1. Hail
    This is inevitable and most of the time unexpected. To avoid severe damages, slow down your speed (if stopping is not a good timing). This can lessen the impact of hail in your windshield.

The above reasons would cause minor to major damages. If you think or you are not confident enough that your windshield just had minor damage, it is always advisable to seek help in auto shop services to correct the issues. After all, your life is more valuable than the money you will spend for repair or replacement, right?

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